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Born in Yokohama, Japan. Moved to Stockholm to learn Swedish weaving at Handarbetets vännersskola after finishing her studies at a private textile school in Tokyo.

Ms. Shizue Suzue, the owner of the Suzie's Antique & Gallery in Kamakura, Japan, discovered her skills as a young artist, and organized yearly solo exhibitions for her between 1996 and 2000. Thereafter she had many exhibitions, both in Sweden and in Japan, such as Tyresö Konsthall, the Weaving Fair/VÄV05 in Karlstad, the Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Prince Eugen's Waldemarsudde and the Royal Palace Stockholm et al.

Staying abroad made her eyes reopen for her own culture, as for example Shibori-dyeing. Since 2010 she teachs also Sashiko, Japanese embroidery, in Sweden. The book "Sashiko, japanskt broderi för alla" with a designer Anna Hörling published 2014 from Berghs Förlag.


The member of the Swedish Shibori Association.



高橋里栄子 横浜出身。大学卒業後東京の織物学校でスウェーデン織りに初めて出会い、さらに造詣を深めるためストックホルムのハンドアルベーテッツヴェンネルスコーラに留学。以来ストックホルムを活動の拠点とする。




近年は日本の工芸にも目を向け、作品に絞り染めのテクニックを取り入れたり、スウェーデン各地で刺し子講師も務める。2014年にはデザイナーのアンナ・ホーリング氏と共著『Sashiko, japanskt broderi för alla』Berghs Förlag より出版。
















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